Chemistry Services

Assembly Blocks is pround to offer the following chemistry services:

FTE(Full Time Equivalent)

Custom synthesis (mg to kg, ~5-10 steps, intermediates/libraries/tool compounds)

Process chemistry

Why should you choose Assembly Blocks? Our team of friendly scientists is deeply committed to your ability to do chemistry and make discoveries. We direct our modern facilities and interdisciplinary knowledge toward your inquiries into the underlying mechanisms of our natural world.

Our staff at Assembly Blocks ha valuable experience across the fields of pharmaceutical distribution, academic research, office administration, and client relationships. We take great pride in our ability to quickly deliver high quality, low cost chemicals.

Assembly Blocks is proud to have an experienced professional management team composed of scientists from both academia and industry with proven ability to provide you with quality compounds. Our world-class team of highly competent chemists, business leaders and market experts are dedicated to making our products and services the best in the business for our customers.

Assembly Blocks is committed to growing the body of scientific knowledge. Whether by our own personal endeavors in staying abreast of new developments in chemical processes or by furthering our clients’ research toward drug discovery, medical knowledge, industrial application, and any other opportunities science has to offer, we strive to use chemistry to enhance the quality of life for peoples across the world.

Conveniently located in South Brunswick NJ (30 minutes Northeast of Philadelphia), our office regularly reaches out to dozens of local partners with access to all the best HPLC,/LCMS, NMR, IR, and other lab testing equipment to ensure your access to the highest purity compounds.

All clients’ intellectual properties are kept under the strictest confidence. Your proprietary knowledge is safe with us!


* "Nice job with the timely synthesis and high quality material."

* "I would definitely like to use your services again in the future!"

* "Quality of service and the final report has been excellent!"

* "Thanks a lot for completing the synthesis ahead of schedule."

* "You are the man!"

* "You did a great job with these compounds."